Sunday, October 14, 2012

No right click!?

So here I am blogging from my BYU work computer
the right click stopped working =no pictures

it's ok there has not been much to take pictures of lately
I have had a few 60 hour work weeks
and Trent has been a slave to his desk reading 
we love grad school

Through it all I do try to find happiness in the little things
Vanilla Almond Milk- where has this been all my life
Movie: Life of Timothy Green - really sums up the type of parent I want to be
Greek Yogurt Jalepeno dip- makes my life
Conference- learned a lot, some talks were exactly what I needed to hear
Once Upon A Time on Netflix- corny writing but keeps me entertained
Park City- I have to "work" with the donors at Hotel Park City, Ruth Chris and Squatters

Anyways- not much... kinda embarassing
I don't even have cute outfit pics to show for myself.. worthless