Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall is coming

To celebrate the first day of college football season 
which means fall is coming
 I bought new boots!!

Love them!
It took me forever to come around to skinny jeans
and then the skinny jeans tucked into boots took years to get used to
now.. it's my non work uniform

 great style, cheap clothes

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Provo Food

T and I like to eat at "different" places
so says my mother
I will just say it
I HATE Olive Garden, Chile's and Applebees
What I do love is finding fun, new places to eat

Saturday night we decided to try Cubby's in Provo
I would give you the address but this is easier
it's in the same shopping center as sonic next to Little Cesears
yeah, now you know where I am talking about

Anyways YOU. NEED.TO. GO
It was amazing!
T ordered the Dragon Slayer Burger and Rosemary Fries
I ordered the Tri Tip Salad with cilantro dressing

My favorite part was everything is organic and local
You mean I can go somewhere and KNOW where my meat is coming from!?
It's a real thing people

Our whole meal was under $20

I'm a fan

if you don't believe me!

Friday, August 24, 2012


WARNING- mushiness will be oozing out of this post
but this blog has been lacking in the that category 
I just needed to proclaim to the blog universe my love for this man

 I LOVE this picture of him
I used to stalk him on facebook while we were dating
and I would look at this picture when I missed him

he is all I could have asked for in a husband 
example I have had a hard week 
so when I came home yesterday 
 I had flowers, a massage, dinner out,trip to target planned (my fav, don't judge, it's a magic place) AND a movie of my choice 
Now seriously WHO does that!? 

honestly I don't just love/adore/respect him for the things he does for me,
 but truly it is just HIM that I love
His goodness, patience, passion for life, humor, goofiness and talents are ALL things I love him for. 

Thanks for choosing me T

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

oh purses

oh purses... oh curses... get it?
Purses and I have a love hate relationship
they help me carry stuff and are a fashion accessory
but my cell phone ALWAYS gets lost in there
and the cute ones are SO EXPENSIVE

here are a few I found at the Kate Spade Surprise Sale
(can't figure out how to get the image on here)

don't you love the name!?
can I justify  buying it on the fact that they are $300 less than regular price!?
Someone help me plead my case to T
it will also help with my "I'm a working girl" look I am going for

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Working Girl

It's official, I have made the switch
When I go shopping I look for more work clothes
than I do fun, regular clothes
Weird, I know
I feel like I am truly an adult

Doesn't mean my work attire has to look like this

I actually picked up a polka dot shirt to layer with
and it got me excited to spice up my work clothes
I passed on the gold shorts
similar here
So I am on the hunt-
fun work clothes

Now that I am ALMOST 20 pounds down
I am ready to shop
We are headed to City Creek this weekend afterall...
Sorry, T

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Days

I keep reading all of these blog posts about their exciting summers
Well, while we have had a good summer
It  has not been one for the books
We have been HOT
which means we are LAZY
We need a house with AC
soon- but don't want to pay more than what we are paying for rent
So I have seen every nook and cranny of Hobby Lobby (they have great AC),  Sams Club, Costco, the Mall, Target and the Dollar Theater.
24 hour fitness can't figure out the AC- so I only go when I have to

Anyways so there is the reason for our lack of posting
Lack of AC
Dumb excuse... maybe... until you come and sit in our house at 5pm

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Navy Bishop

Welcome to the world my beautiful, tiny niece 
We love you already! 
 Here are a couple of shots I took of the little thing yesterday
 I am smitten 
Watching her come into the world 
(without any fighting on her part) 
was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed 
not gross at all, like I had thought 
Just a pure little miracle

Yeah that's my sister, doesn't she look great for just having a baby!?