Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Tis the season of Carbs
I went on a low carb diet
and then T made his amazing home made bread
so way to start the season of eating off right

North Carolina

We headed to North Carolina Oct 30- Nov 3
It was our first big trip with E
Was a dream baby on the flight
And really went with the flow of the weekend

 Mister Smarty was the reason we went out
First big time conference presentation: Check!
Next stop: England
 The colors were incredible
I never complained driving those highways
 We had a little pumpkin on Halloween
 Celebrated with Dame's Chicken and Waffles
If you are in Durham- GO!
We did get some funny looks taking a baby out to eat at 8:30pm
we wanted to keep him on Utah time
 Lunch break with Dad
Love those mustard pants
 Exploring Duke Gardens
 Are you kidding me? 
Can we go here!?
Headed to the cathedral after- pictures to come
 View from our hotel room
 Taking a break in the hotel- love this guy
At the most fantastic park in Raleigh-

Sunday, November 17, 2013

6 months

Oh little mister.
E really is the light of our lives
He is such a good natured boy, so happy all the time
His smile is enough to melt your heart.
He now weighs 16 pounds 9 oz (27%)
and is 27.25 inches (77%)
I love my little buddy- my days off are my favorite with all of our fun adventures!

 Before we gave him baby food- almost looks like he is waving here
 And he loves it
Green Beans and avocado are the favorite right now
Not the best picture of E- but look at that onsie!
It is our current favorite

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mom Moment

Before I went to Zumba last night E had a poopy diaper
while I was dancing I swear all I could smell was his poop
 (which is awful since eating baby food)
Then I look down.... yup.. there was as light swipe of poop on my shirt
so naturally I just kept dancing
total mom moment

Thursday, November 7, 2013

3 year olds

I am not sure I am looking forward to E being 3
I have been around an unusual amount of 3 year olds this last week for some reason
One rubbed my belly and asked why it was so big- sweet
Another told me that my face is funny looking

So what did I do?
Cry... jk... well on the inside maybe
I started a diet and went and bought makeup

So in 2.5 years life could get interesting.