Thursday, February 28, 2013

So how did it REALLY go?

Many of you have been asking how my trip REALLY went
many of you may think T and I just took off to the DR by ourselves
I was with 36 couples
all of which own their own company
and have  SIGNIFICANTLY more money than we do
and travel quite differently

that being said
I worked about 6-10 hours a day (depending on the day)
and rested 2 afternoons
BUT still got to take in the beautiful, amazing beaches
I even got tan

I did learn quite a few lessons on the trip
1. Women love to tell pregnant horror stories (not the best timing)
2. They LOVE their diet coke
3. Love their gossip magazines (I was caught up on the Bachelor and Kardashians quickly)
4. "So how is your husband going to make money as a professor?" number one question
5. being pregnant in a humid environment = HUGE ankles and feet
6. Church is much better in Spanish
7.  Having Gestational Diabetes while at an all exclusive resort is torture
8. Pregnancy was referred to as a disability multiple times
9. The Punta Cana airport is the worst in the world
10. My husband is so caring
11. When you can't lay on your stomach to tan- your lines are super funny
12. Some people are not afraid to tan topless
13. Coco Locos (minus the Loco) drinks are the best
14. Baby really likes waters
15. People will react to the names we have picked out very differently, but i don't care:)
16. not a lesson learned BUT Baby was kicking like crazy down there

That's all
It was a learning experience but I am lucky to have had it!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pictures from Punta Cana

Church- we took over the branch

beach view

I could not get enough of this water

the resort was gorgeous

belly shot- I was SO swollen all week!

grossest drink ever- but we did have quite a few pina coladas

landscaping at the resort- this is their winter

T was quite excited about the lobster

steak that T ended up eating as well

beach time- finally! We saw too many nudies and had to head to the pool

lounge by the pool

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BabyMoon number 2

Goodbye snow
Hello 85 degree weather and white sand beaches
and a little bit/ 6 hours a day of work while I'm there

Monday, February 11, 2013

I have tried to type 4 different titles- no luck

This around the Olsen home have been interesting this last week
Lots has happened that I never saw coming
Many tears have been shed and many bubble baths have been taken
Little Lola (our car) is causing much headache and damage to the bank account
Gestational Diabetes is here in full force
never saw that one coming
pricking myself 6 times a day is rough
knowing any sugar I indulge in hurts my babe is rough
BUT I know many of you are rolling your eyes saying "suck it up"
well... it's my blog
But T takes off tomorrow for NYC (don't want to talk about it)
and I take off Friday (hopefully, we will see how Baby Olsen handles some stuff)
DR should be fun on some days, it's hard traveling with bajillionaires when you are not one

OK enough- 
pity party much? 

T and I are also in the middle of a decision that could really affect our fam
That being said- this picture speaks to me

so, do me a favor and don't bring treats to the Olsen household
bring cottage cheese, cheese sticks and carrots:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Art History Baby Shower

On Saturday we were spoiled with the first baby shower 
T goes to school with some amazing girls/women/females (which ever is correct) 
They threw us an educational shower
 We were so spoiled with amazing food 
(alphabet soup and homemade cake and bread... I know what you are thinking... amazing) 
Thanks to our wonderful hosts... 
you girls (settled on girls...) are SUCH a blessing!
you guys, this cake. It was SO good!

The banner was out of dictionary paper- the details were killing me

Itfelt  just like  I was in anthro- the outfits of the cute girls and this candle did the trick

The amazing gifts- such fun books. I have read most of them

Me- enjoying the food. I really don't want to talk about it.

The hosts- so amazing!!!