Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 Goals started early

My sister in law was in town a few weeks ago and we got to talking
She said something that has been on my mind ever since
She was talking about her desire to be thougtful

It got me thinking
Would people think of me as a thoughtful person

I would like to believe I am to a small extent
but what I do find is I over exert myself and I get upset with people who I think are receiving my thoughtfulness do not reciprocate or are ungrateful
Follow that?
I feel like that has happened recently to me with two people I tried to be really thoughtful to and they totally overlooked it.
or so I thought they did

So here is my goal for 2014
Be thoughtful and don't expect anything in return
Serve, give compliments, be thankful, give
with zero expectations

I think I have always expected too much out of people in my life
It's not fair
So here is to lower expectations (in a good way)

I'm quite excited for 2014 
2013 has been a blur
(Why is it when you have a baby the months feel like they never happened?)
so 2014
I am going to be thoughtful....
a low expectation thoughtful person