Monday, December 10, 2012


Why is it that as I am getting ready to see all these beautiful things
 I get crazy TRAVEL ANXIETY 
not sleeping, clenching my jaw (sorry dad) and just crying all the time!?
 I get nervous about the flight, our housing, my clothes, being pregnant while there, making it home for Christmas. 
Why can't I just sit back and look forward to this anyone else have this problem- or am I totally nuts!?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My first snowman

We had a little snow storm out in Provo a few weeks ago-
 and I finally made my first snowman! 
As you can tell I was quite excited 
and we decided to get creative
 with the supplies we had in the house.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Questions Answered

Since announcing the baby's arrival many of you have asked questions... so here are some answers

When are you due?
Middle of May... one appointment it was May 22 and the second was May 16th

What are you having?
Not sure yet
maybe this Friday we will find out

Are you wearing pregnancy clothes?
jeans with elastic on them... what do you think

Are you going to keep working after the baby?
I am! Still trying to figure out how, but we are. 
I have heard it all from people on this answer...
I am doing that is best for me and my family 

How have you been feeling?
I have not thrown up too much... whew
I have been tired a lot and have had really bad headaches
however... that being said... it's much easier to go through it knowing it is for a reason

Was it a surprise? (I get this a lot you nosey people:))
Actually I say it's a blessing
In July my thyroid dr said it would take us "a few years" to have kids
hypothyroidism means you have low hormone levels
well uh... that was not a good thing to say
it took about 6 weeks after that
I truly feel this is a blessing, since who knows how my thyroid issues will affect future pregnancies

Yes! We head to Europe on Dec 12 and also the Dominican Republic in February

Yup- you can ask me in person since it changes quite often
I am just sad T doesn't like the name Norah (sadface)

We are very excited and feel very blessed. 
I truly hesitated this and even announcing our little "shnug" (as T calls it)
there are so many things that can go wrong
and our heart truly goes out to so many of our friends and family who are having a hard time getting pregnant. So on that note- I probably won't post a ton of belly pics on here etc.
If you would like any of that crazy stuff (it still freaks me out to look down)
you can follow me on instagram at laolsen

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kate Spade. Need I say more?

So I was INNOCENTLY browsing the internet and all of a sudden this ad
which is usually annoying
popped up on my screen
It said  Kate Spade... up to 75% off
so I HAD to click

Disclaimer: This year I have been AWESOME with black friday- we bought three movies for $6
Usually I am at Banana Republic and athropologie waiting to buy stuff for my *small* wardrobe.

I digress

Did you know Kate Spade has diaper bags!?
So chose your favorite and call/ text/facebook T to convince him

kate spade nylon maryanne baby bag 

collins ave serena baby bag

logan square serena baby bag

signature spade quilted baby bon shopper bag

So I know- they are expensive but I have to carry it everyday and it needs to be functional... and fabulous:)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A little change is coming...

Some changes have been happening around here

We go from reading educational material  to material that is TOO educational

Eating healthy  to anything I can stomach
Partying all night to  L going to bed at 9pm

Driving our student car to this mom-mobile... just kidding

Baby Olsen coming May 2013

We are THRILLED!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November

sorry for lack of pictures
 I can't figure out how to get my instagram pics on the blog
lack of tech skills
embarrassing, since I work for the office of entrepreneurship & technology
not much has been happening around the olsen household
t had a crazy paper due
so i was married to netflix for a while
i am sure t was wishing i was married to cleaning while he was gone
win some and ya lose some
went to vegas
love my niece navy, the rest of the fam is great too
paid too much for car repairs
still have many to go... but i prioritize by which is going to blow up first
i think we found a place to move
3 bedrooms people
i'll be back soon- promise, once our lives are worth publishing :)
Europe is in 40ish days, so expect plenty of bloggage after that

Sunday, October 14, 2012

No right click!?

So here I am blogging from my BYU work computer
the right click stopped working =no pictures

it's ok there has not been much to take pictures of lately
I have had a few 60 hour work weeks
and Trent has been a slave to his desk reading 
we love grad school

Through it all I do try to find happiness in the little things
Vanilla Almond Milk- where has this been all my life
Movie: Life of Timothy Green - really sums up the type of parent I want to be
Greek Yogurt Jalepeno dip- makes my life
Conference- learned a lot, some talks were exactly what I needed to hear
Once Upon A Time on Netflix- corny writing but keeps me entertained
Park City- I have to "work" with the donors at Hotel Park City, Ruth Chris and Squatters

Anyways- not much... kinda embarassing
I don't even have cute outfit pics to show for myself.. worthless

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My go to Crockpot recipes

I know
I haven't blogged in a while and I am posting about crockpots
But with working full time (and then some) I don't have time to put 2 hours into a meal everyday
I have had a few people over for dinner and they have asked for recipes
well, here ya go

(Click on the name of the dish for the recipe)

Love this stuff for tacos,burritos or salad

Haven't made this exact recipe, can't find the one I usually use.But this is VERY similar

Not a huge fan of this stuff, but T is

Yum, these are great as appetizers (plus I hate the  little hotdogs and these are just as easy)

This tastes like I am sitting in Panda
* hint- use high quality orange juice. You're welcome.

Baked Potatoes (no link, made it up)
Wash potatoes
poke holes
rub a little Olive Oil and salt on the outside
Low for 6-8 hours

Curry (no link, made it up)
Chicken (Thawed, haven't tried frozen)
Carrots, celery, potatoes and onions
Trader Joe's Curry sauce over the top
Simmer on Low for 8 hours
Serve over Rice

Roast (no link, mom's recipe)
One roast (I have used Pork and Beef)
Celery, carrots, onion (whatever you want)
Salt and Pepper over the veggies
Put the roast on top of them
One Lipton Onion Soup Mix over the top of the roast
cover and simmer on high for 6-8 hours
People will rave.. trust me
Haven't tried a lot of these but the ones I have tried have been awesome

* Disclaimer: If you don't like any above, you probably made it wrong :) Jk, I not a fabulous cook and do not claim to be,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Optimism / Olly Moss 

Lately my life has been full of forced optimism 
meaning I have to work for it some days more than others 

 Work affects me too much
 I am awful at leaving it at the door when I leave 
so when 3am creeps around you can sometimes find me on my computer 
with White Collar on 
finishing emails that I can't stop thinking about

 I let people's negative energy affect me
 like someone who called yelling about lack of parking
 and then asked me to leave a meeting to go walk and find him a spot 
'cause that makes sense 

 Luckily I have an amazing husband who gets me and knows how to make everything better 

One day at a time
One amazing day at a time

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall is coming

To celebrate the first day of college football season 
which means fall is coming
 I bought new boots!!

Love them!
It took me forever to come around to skinny jeans
and then the skinny jeans tucked into boots took years to get used to
now.. it's my non work uniform

 great style, cheap clothes

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Provo Food

T and I like to eat at "different" places
so says my mother
I will just say it
I HATE Olive Garden, Chile's and Applebees
What I do love is finding fun, new places to eat

Saturday night we decided to try Cubby's in Provo
I would give you the address but this is easier
it's in the same shopping center as sonic next to Little Cesears
yeah, now you know where I am talking about

Anyways YOU. NEED.TO. GO
It was amazing!
T ordered the Dragon Slayer Burger and Rosemary Fries
I ordered the Tri Tip Salad with cilantro dressing

My favorite part was everything is organic and local
You mean I can go somewhere and KNOW where my meat is coming from!?
It's a real thing people

Our whole meal was under $20

I'm a fan

if you don't believe me!

Friday, August 24, 2012


WARNING- mushiness will be oozing out of this post
but this blog has been lacking in the that category 
I just needed to proclaim to the blog universe my love for this man

 I LOVE this picture of him
I used to stalk him on facebook while we were dating
and I would look at this picture when I missed him

he is all I could have asked for in a husband 
example I have had a hard week 
so when I came home yesterday 
 I had flowers, a massage, dinner out,trip to target planned (my fav, don't judge, it's a magic place) AND a movie of my choice 
Now seriously WHO does that!? 

honestly I don't just love/adore/respect him for the things he does for me,
 but truly it is just HIM that I love
His goodness, patience, passion for life, humor, goofiness and talents are ALL things I love him for. 

Thanks for choosing me T

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

oh purses

oh purses... oh curses... get it?
Purses and I have a love hate relationship
they help me carry stuff and are a fashion accessory
but my cell phone ALWAYS gets lost in there
and the cute ones are SO EXPENSIVE

here are a few I found at the Kate Spade Surprise Sale
(can't figure out how to get the image on here)

don't you love the name!?
can I justify  buying it on the fact that they are $300 less than regular price!?
Someone help me plead my case to T
it will also help with my "I'm a working girl" look I am going for

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Working Girl

It's official, I have made the switch
When I go shopping I look for more work clothes
than I do fun, regular clothes
Weird, I know
I feel like I am truly an adult

Doesn't mean my work attire has to look like this

I actually picked up a polka dot shirt to layer with
and it got me excited to spice up my work clothes
I passed on the gold shorts
similar here
So I am on the hunt-
fun work clothes

Now that I am ALMOST 20 pounds down
I am ready to shop
We are headed to City Creek this weekend afterall...
Sorry, T

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Days

I keep reading all of these blog posts about their exciting summers
Well, while we have had a good summer
It  has not been one for the books
We have been HOT
which means we are LAZY
We need a house with AC
soon- but don't want to pay more than what we are paying for rent
So I have seen every nook and cranny of Hobby Lobby (they have great AC),  Sams Club, Costco, the Mall, Target and the Dollar Theater.
24 hour fitness can't figure out the AC- so I only go when I have to

Anyways so there is the reason for our lack of posting
Lack of AC
Dumb excuse... maybe... until you come and sit in our house at 5pm

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Navy Bishop

Welcome to the world my beautiful, tiny niece 
We love you already! 
 Here are a couple of shots I took of the little thing yesterday
 I am smitten 
Watching her come into the world 
(without any fighting on her part) 
was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed 
not gross at all, like I had thought 
Just a pure little miracle

Yeah that's my sister, doesn't she look great for just having a baby!?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Mental Health Trip

T and I have barely spent time together this summer 
due to opposite work schedules
 so for his 25th birthday we went to San Clemente, CA
 You all requested pictures so here they are :)
Masterchef in the airport
if you haven't watched that show yet,
Our condo from the beach
3 min walk
We loved being in a real kitchen
and air conditioning
View from the balcony
First Day at the beach
Sunburns followed
T is always hungry
Ocean Festival was there while we were there
Woody's lined the pier
I need one of those cars
Ariel and King Triton were kind enough to grace us with their royal presence
My floppy hat
that looks like an Indiana Jones Hat
but it's JCREW so I figured it was cool and trendy
We headed up to Balboa Island
Balboa bars had to happen
Here's the thing
When you are on vacay with just 2 people
it's REALLY hard to get pics of you both
the arm will be in most pics
I love balboa
I wish we could have paddle boarded there
Headed up to LA
this happened
I will never go to LA again
I will stick to Orange County
For T's birthday he wanted to go to a museum
True Story:
As this boy saw a Monet hanging there
He dropped my hand and RAN to it
I know my place
Beautiful views of the dreadful city
and the smog too
The Arm
Awesome gardens
We were really close to the teample
Trent had never been
That temple is huge
T wanted a breakfast burrito
we had to try out the place at the end of the pier
he ended up making him the wrong thing
T ate it anywaysio 
but then the cook brought him out another burrito with the right fillings
T was in heaven
One stop shop
good food 
fishing poles
T surfed
ask him how it went
found out later where he was surfing is home to 2 great whites
yeah... awesome
FHE at the beach
made some friends
parents of T's mission companion
they fed us twice and took us to their ward's FHE
and yes, my leg is popped there
weird I get it

We had a fantastic time
we need to do a trip every year
Europe up next!