Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too shallow

So for my 27th birthday I was going to write 27 goals I wanted to accomplish over the year
I came up with 2
- give birth and not die
- not complain about baby stuff too much since I signed up for the job
example: my baby pooped on me, he peed on me, he doesn't nap etc.

I always read these blogs and talk to people who have so many deep thoughts

instead here is what I am blogging about

2 hair products I have become addicted to

Found HERE
This stuff is cheap and awesome
It gives my hair just enough texture to keep it's volume during the day
It has helped me only wash my hair every 2 days- which never has happened. 
I even went 3 days this week 
boo yah

Found HERE
My sister gave this to me for Christmas
I have very fine hair and have always had problems with volume
this stuff has the weirdest consistenty but it is BETTER than dry shampoo
BETTER I tell you
It has also helped me only wash every 2 days

So there ya go-
This is me in all my shallowness

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What do you wish someone told you before you were pregnant?

Someone asked me this question the other day- I couldn't think of an answer
Now I can

1. Not all pregnancies are the same
Just because your mom/sister whatever didn't have morning sickness, doesn't mean you won't...
could even be into your third trimester
(if you want to see a VERY pregnant lady throw up come to my house 1-3 days out of the week)

2. You are so tired
It's not just "oh, I wish I could sleep" tired
it's "I am so exhausted I might die" tired
who knew your blood quadruples duing pregnancy?
I do now

3. People stare at you like something is wrong with you
This happens ALL THE TIME
and I work at BYU- baby central
People also make rude comments, I usually call them out
take my personality + raging hormones= don't be a jerk or you will regret it

4. Speak up!
At the beginning of my pregnancy there was some miscommunication with my dr-
I thought they were doing things the right way in regards to my thyroid
they were not
I realized I am the only one who can truly know what I need an feel
after that I am that annoying patient who asks lots of questions and double and triple checks with the nurses
but at least I am confident in the care I am getting

5. Enjoy Food and Comfort for as long as you can
Food is only a means to an end for me now
unless we are talking slurpees and crystal lite
I don't enjoy it at all
As for comfort- turning over in bed means I grunt= comical nights for T
these aches, pains, round ligament, braxton blah blah make me so appreciative for sleep before pregnancy

Friday, March 8, 2013

So Blessed

I just have to say I am feeling very blessed today
I had my first doctor appointment since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes
Babies with GD are known to be huge and Moms gain a ton of weight
needless to say...
I was REALLY nervous to go to my appointment in fear that Baby Olsen would measure huge
I stepped on the scale
1 pound gain in 1 month- WIN
Dr. measures Baby Olsen, and he is measuring totally normal- WIN

Heavenly Father knows I stress and worry
but today was just the reassurance I needed

now on to appointments every 2 weeks

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

pregnancy questions

Here are the top 5 questions I get asked almost daily
1. How are you feeling?
I usually say great- it's kinda  lie.
They can't handle the truth

2. What are you going to name the baby?
I tell them our two names
I get mixed reactions
some unusually strong
but it doesn't bother me
It's my baby boy

3. Are you going to keep working?
Up in the air still

4. You're pregnant, want to hear what happen to my (insert family member here) when she was pregnant?

5. How are you going to decorate the nursery?
So here is the thing... 
Pinterest has ruined all of us.
But I have fallen guilty to picking up some ideas for the nursery
loving the sheet below- but they are $75 dollars that is lots of diapers
Striped sheets
Love this style of bedding- photo from Cup Of Jo
See how they are striped and not chevron
oh chevron, please go away

I love this mobile
I am going to make it with my sister next weekend
mobile- Aaron Christensen Artist, Designer and Art Licensing Professional. Embellishments Studio specializes in children's interior design, celebrity and kids nurseries, bedrooms and rooms for teens and tweens.
photo via
as for a color palate- I am loving the colors from this swaddle blanket
 (learned what that was last year-winning)
cuuuuutest swaddle blankie
photo via pinterest
So there ya go
add in 3 prints from Paris and fun books from a baby shower and there is the nursery
no changing table
no glider
no dresser
no fancy rug the baby will probably poop on

just little baby olsen in his cute crib (t calls it his bachelor pad)