Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 Goals started early

My sister in law was in town a few weeks ago and we got to talking
She said something that has been on my mind ever since
She was talking about her desire to be thougtful

It got me thinking
Would people think of me as a thoughtful person

I would like to believe I am to a small extent
but what I do find is I over exert myself and I get upset with people who I think are receiving my thoughtfulness do not reciprocate or are ungrateful
Follow that?
I feel like that has happened recently to me with two people I tried to be really thoughtful to and they totally overlooked it.
or so I thought they did

So here is my goal for 2014
Be thoughtful and don't expect anything in return
Serve, give compliments, be thankful, give
with zero expectations

I think I have always expected too much out of people in my life
It's not fair
So here is to lower expectations (in a good way)

I'm quite excited for 2014 
2013 has been a blur
(Why is it when you have a baby the months feel like they never happened?)
so 2014
I am going to be thoughtful....
a low expectation thoughtful person

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Tis the season of Carbs
I went on a low carb diet
and then T made his amazing home made bread
so way to start the season of eating off right

North Carolina

We headed to North Carolina Oct 30- Nov 3
It was our first big trip with E
Was a dream baby on the flight
And really went with the flow of the weekend

 Mister Smarty was the reason we went out
First big time conference presentation: Check!
Next stop: England
 The colors were incredible
I never complained driving those highways
 We had a little pumpkin on Halloween
 Celebrated with Dame's Chicken and Waffles
If you are in Durham- GO!
We did get some funny looks taking a baby out to eat at 8:30pm
we wanted to keep him on Utah time
 Lunch break with Dad
Love those mustard pants
 Exploring Duke Gardens
 Are you kidding me? 
Can we go here!?
Headed to the cathedral after- pictures to come
 View from our hotel room
 Taking a break in the hotel- love this guy
At the most fantastic park in Raleigh-

Sunday, November 17, 2013

6 months

Oh little mister.
E really is the light of our lives
He is such a good natured boy, so happy all the time
His smile is enough to melt your heart.
He now weighs 16 pounds 9 oz (27%)
and is 27.25 inches (77%)
I love my little buddy- my days off are my favorite with all of our fun adventures!

 Before we gave him baby food- almost looks like he is waving here
 And he loves it
Green Beans and avocado are the favorite right now
Not the best picture of E- but look at that onsie!
It is our current favorite

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mom Moment

Before I went to Zumba last night E had a poopy diaper
while I was dancing I swear all I could smell was his poop
 (which is awful since eating baby food)
Then I look down.... yup.. there was as light swipe of poop on my shirt
so naturally I just kept dancing
total mom moment

Thursday, November 7, 2013

3 year olds

I am not sure I am looking forward to E being 3
I have been around an unusual amount of 3 year olds this last week for some reason
One rubbed my belly and asked why it was so big- sweet
Another told me that my face is funny looking

So what did I do?
Cry... jk... well on the inside maybe
I started a diet and went and bought makeup

So in 2.5 years life could get interesting.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bangs and other ramblings

I cut bangs 
I can't decide how I feel about it yet
When people look at me I swear they are judging my bangs
or maybe I am looking into their looks too much
or maybe I don't have enough confidence to rock the bangs

This girl leaves for Argentina next week
She is one of the most optimistic people I know
She will be amazing in the field and bless so many lives

Our water heater flooded our house 2 days ago
I had a mini breakdown- it's been an ordeal
I feel like I need a mom around to fix grownup stuff like that
Or just make me dinner and take me out of the house for an hour to calm down

E's personality has been so fun lately
He is quite a chatterbox

We head to Park City tonight for the annual donor retreat
could not come at a better time
leave behind a flooded smelly house with indistrial fans 
blowing like crazy to stay in a suite and eat Ruths Chris?
Psh- don't ask me twice

T revealed some secret plans for our anniversary
I'm stoked

I started doing Zumba Sentao on Thursdays
don't hate- it's hard

My parents come next weekend so that's exciting
it means Cubby's and lots of play time for Everett

If anyone can figure out how to be a 
good mom, a good wife, work 40 hours,lost the baby weight,
cook amazing dinners and keep a clean house all at the same time
 I will be forever grateful

Sunday, October 13, 2013

5 months

Our little man is 5 months old!
This last month has been operation weight gain
and it has been accomplished... well we are on our way at least
he gained 2 pounds ina month!
Mr. E is a joy to have
He sleeps so well
Naps so well
Eats so well
He coos like crazy
Rolls from time to time
Eats his toes and hands
Loves "you are my sunshine" and "twinkle twinkle little star"
loves reading books
loves holding hands with mom and dad
Had his first cold
Had his first ER visit and CT Scan- no worries he is ok and unrelated to the cold
he can somewhat fit into his 3-6 month clothes- the mustard pants are coming
He said goodbye to his aunt Madeline
Survived my crazy work week
watched his first BYU football game in a huge theater room- he has expensive taste
eats rice cereal like a champ
had his first baby sitter other than mom, dad or grandma (thanks cousin Jackie!)
Found out the mall flooring puts him to sleep- I'm not complaining- T might be

Friday, October 4, 2013


No that's not the number of pushups I can do in one minute...(ok yes it is, but that's not the point)
nor is it the number of diapers E goes through in a day
That is the number of hours L put in this week at work, M-F. This week was Founders conference for the center at BYU that she works for. L spends 6 months preparing for this biannual event. In the weeks preceding and the week of, she oversees somewhere between 10-15 events, the largest of which draw in about 1,200 people (students, faculty, founders to the center etc.) The smaller events have somewhere around 80 donors to her center, among whom are CEO's of fortune 500 companies and other huge businesses. Altogether they have a collective net worth of literally like a bajillion dollars. She coordinates the efforts of about 10 students to help tackle the structure for these events, and student entrepreneur groups have the opportunity to win somewhere around 500K in investments and prizes for their up and coming businesses. She plans every activity down to the most minute detail, including where everyone will sit and what kind of dressing will go with what kind of salad. And at the end of the week, after having been on her feet almost non stop, she still finds time to come home and just be an amazing wife and mom, wanting nothing to play with E in the little time left before he falls fast asleep. I knew L was not just your average girl when I married, but watching the way she handles an INCREDIBLY stressful career with such finesse and precision, as well as being so compassionate and taking time to serve others and still just poor out loads of love and time to E and me is really pretty awe-inspiring. So let's get a big round of applause for this superwoman!!! Love ya L

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Fall!

 Everett already loves the Cougars-
 not much of a choice when you mom works there 
and your parents both went to school there
 We took a drive up to Sundance and the colors were stunning
 Love my little guy
 Selfies are never flattering
 Love my guys
 Who can resist a bath shot!?
 That face!
 Everett and his friends
He loves his great grandma
so glad we got to see them again

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4 months

I can't believe my little man is 4 months
We are so happy he is in our family
He is such a good natured boy
- He still is so skinny
- When people see him they say "he is so tiny" or "he is so handsome"
- Girls on BYU campus just love him, he will appreciate that in 18 years
- He doesn't really fit at all into his 3-6 month clothes
- Still loves to stare at himself in the mirror
- He goes to bed around 8:30-9pm and sleeps until 5 or 6, eats and sleeps for another 3-4 hours
- He likes bath time
- He is usually his crankiest if you go a minute past 3 hours since he last ate( except at night)
- He loves to be held while standing, don't you dare sit
- I took him to the store, held up a shirt and he started giggling- oh shoot, what have I done?
- Took his first plane ride and did great, the rest of the trip not so much
- He hates his car seat
- He loves kisses and cuddling
-Loves reading books together
- Loves being outside and looking at trees and water
- Too skinny for his bumbo... boo
- Sometimes takes naps in the bathroom on his changing pad (loves falling asleep to water, sound machine doesn't cut it). Parenting fail :)
- he is a furnace, such a sweaty boy
- he hates being hot, loves A/C, too bad we don't have it!
- flirts like crazy with the girls

We just love this little guy, I love seeing his personality come out every day
He is very social and happy. I hope he stays that way.

 That face just kills me everytime
 Tummy time
 He really loves his farm animals
First day of School with his dad 
I kinda miss Trent's beard... just kinda

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Picture overload

 Smiles before bath time
When he is crying and I need 3 minutes to breathe, 
we put him on his changing pad in the bathroom and turn on the water- he loves it
 Have to get in the fun before he realizes those are his pants on his head.
 Love my guys
 Yes he smiles at himself in the mirror
He can be screaming- catch his reflection and just grin
I blame T
 Took a walk while in Big Bear
 Thank goodness for sisters
They would take E when he was screaming
He did not handle the trip well
 Proof my brother can snag a really pretty girl
 Had lots of fun with this girl
She loves E- she will kick and giggle when he is around
 We were outside a lot
our cabin was... special
 Bumbo time with his fun animals
 Dancing to Reggaton with T

 E is not amused
 Soccer game in his hoodie
 Lovin on his cow
 Love that face

Cute pose

He is starting to grab at things now- 
Obviously we are proud
and obviously he is the cutest baby to come onto this planet