Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pregnancy Post

Baby Boy Olsen has gone through some changes around here
 All I can see in these pics is... 
whoa bad hair at 12 weeks 
and too much weight gain in the face

It is an exciting and terrifying time
for so many reasons
I get calls from my dr about the inversion "don't go outside"
and the ice "don't walk outside at all"
well I had work and had to do both
but most terrifying of all is that I am going to be a MOTHER in 15 weeks
talk about stressful
I get stressed just looking at maternity clothes
it brings me to tears to shop for baby supplies- what if I choose the wrong one!?
All I can figure is that they have to pass some safety inspection so any will be good- right?
But it has been fun not worrying about that stuff- makes life easier and let's me focus on rest  
(I tell Trent that is what I have to do- it's what the book says)

One more big trip in 1.5 weeks and then I can start planning everything
I have a small baby shower this weekend with some FUN and AMAZING girls in T's program 
(Yeah you read that right, T studies with girls who throw showers. I work with men who can't remember if I am due in May or August- cool)
maybe it will all seem real them

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I had lived in Provo a long time
My cousins who got here 3 years after I had been here- are leaving in a few weeks.

So because of that I have eaten at many different places around here
Madeline, my sister wanted me to document places we liked and didn't like
So here goes
Culvers in Lehi, Utah

5 out of 10

I had heard of people driving up for these burgers
eh not worth it
I like fresh burgers, veggies etc
The burger patty itself was SALTY and thin
Bun was flat
And the veggies were sparse and like they had been sitting in a bag for a while
But I am an IN N OUT fan through and through- 
you put 3 inches of fresh lettuce that crunches when I bite into it on my burger and you have me sold

They are famous for their custard, which we got but eh BYU Creamery ice cream is better.

So there ya have it!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A few things

- Three day weekends are great,
 I wish they meant I saw my hubby more 
(for him long weekend = homework time). 
For me it meant shopping, cleaning, donuts and sewing... oh and target :)

- I have realized that when a mom tells you that you look great while pregnant- believe them. 
When a girl who is not a mom, newly married and gets to work out ALL THE TIME says 
"whoa, you are showing ALREADY!?" 
you ignore her
it's normal to have a baby belly at 5.5 months girl, just you wait

-I do not like Downton Abbey.
 Drama in spanish = Telanovela. 
Drama in a british accent= masterpiece theater.
 I don't get it.

- I made 2 pillow covers without messing them up too horribly this weekend-
 I will post a picture.
 I love them because they are mustard yellow.

- Baby Showers are scheduled and
 I am seriously SO humbled by the generosity of everyone in my life

- 25 more days and I am on the beach- 
with 50 people I have to make sure have a good time- 
but by the clear blue water of the  Dominican Republic 

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Boy it has been an interesting month!

I am firmly convinced 
when good things happen in your life 
Satan throws in junk to throw you off 
and forget the good things.
He does win sometimes 
but you guys don't want to read about that stuff.

Moving into a new place
Celebrating our Second Anniversary
Celebrating Christmas with the In Laws
Having a three day weekend
Finding out we are having a BOY- seriously I am going to raise a BOY!?
 Getting our car fixed... again (trying to think of this as a positive thing, now it works right? That is why we save money... just trying to convince myself)
It's been great just having Trent around a little more- he studies much more during the day.

And it's only the 17th- We have a lot to look forward to.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Olsen: World Traveler

Baby has traveled all over 
(I am writing this on January 1st- by the time you see this we will see if it is a boy or girl!)
 Baby liked Europe
 Only had one headaches 
a few pains 
no morning sickness 
 and popped out like crazy! 
Baby didn't like 
San Francisco morning sickness like crazy- yes even at 20 weeks

Golden Gate Bridge


Eiffel Tower

Albertina- notice the tight jacket

Friday, January 11, 2013

San Francisco

We had so much fun with my family after Christmas visiting San Francisco 
We were still quite jetlagged but had so much fun! 
I didn't take as many pics- but for some you can follow me on instagram at laolsen
Lombard Street

Due to the morning sickness that came back on this trip- I decided to walk down

great views

fun walk with these lovely people

view from the bottom

despite her face- Navy loved hanging out with grandpa

Boat to Alcatraz

View from the boat

Solitary confinement

I love audio tours- nerdy I know.

Fun walk around the lake with this little one- the belly is out of control

T's first time at the Golden Gate Bridge
Such a fun trip showing T around where I grew up vacationing
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vienna- Christmas Markets

One of my favorite parts of Vienna are the Christmas Markets
So many beautiful things as well as good food
There were a few of these at the Christmas Market by our house- quirky

Christmas Market at the palace- this one was so fun

Everyone would gather around for Punsch (fruit juice and alcohol) don't worry, we had the Kinderpunsch- basically cider

Found some ornaments for us and one for the baby

T loved the pretzels- they were so good

Christmas Market at this beautiful government building- Rathaus

The Rathaus had tons of lights  and people

All the hand painted ornaments were my favorite

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vienna- Cathedrals

Here we are again at the cathedrals
 oh these were beautiful
Another great altar piece- loved that this one had the Christmas Trees
We took an elevator to the top to look closer to the

You get a whole different perspective from up close

These were 15ish feet tall- never would have thought from the ground.

We were a little shaky being up so high.

Votiv Kirche- so beautiful. There were some protest going on here- so we got out fast.

This was my favorite- Stefansdom. We passed through multiple times also went through the catacombs- creepy to say the least. Bones from 11,000 bodies, a few coffins and embalmed intestines.

Inside the cathedral- this colors are projected onto the ceiling but still amazing when you walk in.

view from the back

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vienna- Opera/ Ballet

Oh vienna- how I love you 
We saw the Marriage of Figaro and the Nutcracker Ballet 
I enjoyed the Ballet more (since the opera was in German) 
Maybe I even cried a little
 amazing talent and experience- you have to go see a performance if you visit
We were so close to the stage- I love the live orchestra

I loved sitting on the sides

This was the "opera for the people" yet had an amazing chandelier
Main Vienna Opera House (different from Above)

Saw the Nutcracker here- not my picture. We forgot our camera and had a crazy time getting there

Monday, January 7, 2013

Vienna- Scenes from out and about

Architecture was just as amazing as Paris

Loved the streets that were decorated for Christmas- this was along the huge shopping area

The Palaces- I decided I need one. T said it was ok

All lit up- amazing

Yup- a bathroom with music in it
It snowed on our last day- this is in front of a summer palace

Finally Cheap food!!!

Even though the meat may have been sketchy
Pizza saved us many nights

But the Schnitzel (spelling?) and the Brats were amazing!

Soup was needed on cold days