Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's jump back to 2000

I was in LOVE with Nsync
Ask my parents or anyone else I know
So needless to say I was thrilled walking into DI
and seeing THESE!!!

I still have the Justin doll in my closet
First ebay purchase ever
my parent never knew
but I am still trying to figure out how I bought it
without a credit card

In other news turns out my hubby is funny...
He performed in HumorU last night.
OK, he didn't.
But his twin did!
Look at this guy
his name is Trent.
Trippy I tell ya.

Also went to this place.
Mountain West Burrito, I love you.
I give it a 10 out of 10.
Better then cafe rio.
They use all natural meats, can most restaurants say that!?
All organic ingredients, except the coke zero I consumed.
If you have not tried this place you are crazy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

Christmas is a time to spend with your family, eat yummy food
and talk to your missionary brother... I understand that.
It is also a time for a young married girl to think outside of the box...
I have been using crappy foundation since forever.
At my 3pm bathroom break I look in the mirror and
it's not a pretty site.
I need something natural that can stay on all day.

I hate to admit this.
I have not used any sort of body spray/perfume since August.
I am starting to feel... less girly.
I think this might do the trick!
I would love to run in these.
Despite my thunder thighs.
Why fight them?
I chose to embrace them...
in these awesome running capris.

Mustard yellow is my color.
I know it is winter but... sigh.. how cute are these!?

The link might not work.
But I love simple and elegant!
I can never go wrong with that cut
(plus a few inches on the bottom)

I need a new purse.
Maybe not one outside my price range
But you get the idea.
Oh yes... I need new running shoes.
Pretty bad.
I think these would help me run a marathon...
Don't ya think so?

OK I am done being selfish.
But FYI I am almost done shopping
Ok maybe not
Lacee, Trent and Dad
You guys are pretty hard to shop for.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughts for today

Friday can not come fast enough

I am eternally grateful for my husband, he is the best

Holidays are coming=7 parties that I am planning for different people

My mom will call and "comment" on this post

Graham crackers dipped in lemonade is good, promise

My hair has never been "staticy" until this winter... short hair issues

Christmas shopping has begun and I am excited

My job and calling seem to magnify my weaknesses
which makes it harder for me to magnify my strengths to magnify my job and calling.

People have no problem calling me out on those weaknesses

Anyways I have no "fantastic" ending to this but I have not blogged in a while,
so there are my ramblings for this week:)

Friday, November 4, 2011

You know you are an "official" student married couple when -

You get excited when you see a Groupon
from your favorite restaurants.
Marriage = Cheap

The highlight of your week is "winterizing" your house
Hey old house and wood floors are brutal.

Your weekend plans consist of homework and racking leaves

You browse at the mall and never really buy

You look at each other on a Friday night at 10 and say
"Let's go to bed"

Look for coordinating CHEAP Halloween Costumes
But end up being nothing

Put Graduate Application before paying for your forever cracked windshield.

Rely on wife's work (me) to provide exciting yearly vacation

Riding on a plane is a luxury

You are the Happiest you have ever been
Cheesy but True!