Sunday, October 5, 2014

Olsens in Ohio

Sorry for my leave of absence!

 Here is a quick update 
We are here in Columbus, Ohio
Trent is loving his PhD program in Art History
I am learning to love my life as a SAHM
We moved from Provo in May 
Moved to Highland with my inlaws
Went on some fun trips
Moved to Ohio in August
and here we are

E is as cute and energetic as ever at 17 months old
although daily someone asks me if he is 2-3
nope, just huge
the kid eats like crazy and is just tall
thank you Foutz gene
He loves to play with other kids, read and slide on slides

We have discovered some fun places here
and am still on the lookout for places to keep me sane during winter months

Outside our home

A typical morning around here

T in front of his hall on campus

Love having a temple close

took a trip up to Kirtland in August

Great splash pads all around, I will miss summer days

Trying out an indoor play place
aka: Germ City
I die a little inside each time he touches one of those things

We spend lots of time at parks
E LOVES his football

Trip to the zoo

Apple picking

Funny boy- he would spit out every bite

He thinks everything is a ball

I'd say this kid is ready for Halloween
now what should he be!?