Friday, July 1, 2011

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go... camping!!!

Hello blogging world, this is Trent, making my debut appearance into the blogging realm. When Lauren made T Loves L, she did so with the very adamant instructions that I was to contribute my fair share of entries. So I figured I would put fingers to the keys and see how it goes. Well, Summer is in full swing, the mountains are very green and have been calling our names, so after days of begging....I finally gave in to Lauren's demands and we are going camping tonight :) This will hopefully just be the first of several excursions over the summer, increasing in length and adventurousness. But for now our backpacks are all packed up and it should be a great evening, that is, unless a bear or a deer decides to come and touch us. Should we survive, we'll be looking forward to some great barbeque and dazzling fireworks for the 4th!

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