Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The start to a great week

Hello blog world, it's me again (T) making another appearance. I'm sure you all have been dying to hear from the T side of this duo as well, so enjoy. I have two main thoughts- 1, I am having a fantastic week. School started yesterday, but from the first two days, this semester looks to be very promising. I love the feeling that accompanies gaining an education. At times school can be a bit overbearing, homework can pile up, and tests can seem to make your whole world freeze up, but beneath all of that (for me anyways) is a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in learning- in being able to see the world with a slightly deeper view and greater understanding. The second and more influential reason as to why I'm having such a great week is because of my amazing wife. For the three weeks leading up to school we got to spend almost all day everyday together, which helped us get to know each other even more and add depth to our marriage. But now that she is busy with work and I'm at school, I look forward to the time we get to spend together more. Possibly even more than when we did have those three weeks off, because now I look forward to that time more, and feel deprived during the day when I don't get to see her. Just in the last few days I feel like our time together has been sweeter. As you begin classes you learn just how much work awaits you in the coming weeks and months, and after thinking in multiple directions for hours, I feel like the time I get to sit and relax with Lauren really brings a sense of peace, not to mention some well needed laughs as we try to out goober each other (which Lauren always wins :) I couldn't be happier to be married to this great girl, and I know with her as my teammate and my great line up of classes, this will be the greatest semester I've had yet!

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  1. You guys are cute. Glad I got to see you last week.