Sunday, October 30, 2011


Thursday and Friday Trent and I were in the "Happiest Place on Earth!"
Like Father-In-Law like Son-In-Law
Yup, we are one of THOSE families.
Notice my sister is wearing a garbage sack....
and no one else is.
Who knew Splash Mountain was SO crazy Chels.
Love the Ferris Wheel,
just looking at it though
getting in this one would make me barf.
If you have been there you know why.
Our new favorite ride.
Yeah I owned Trent on our third time around.

It was a good break.
I have been struggling lately with creating
BALANCE in my life.
Work has consumed me along with trying to work out and with my new calling
I needed time to just chill and spend time with the
ones who are the most important to me.

I will let you know how that balance thing works out this week.
So far things are not looking up:)