Thursday, December 8, 2011


This year we were in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.
Here are the few pictures I took on my phone,
the ones from my camera will come shortly.
My aunt Janice and cousin Keegan were in town,
so we took them along on our traditional visit to the Bellagio.
I love the conservatory, especially during the holidays.
I love how they mix types of flowers and make them look good together.

The Trent and I went to the Green Valley Ranch for his first vegas buffet
To get half off we signed up for their
Players Card... my first one.
We got three dollars worth of free slot play.
We had never gambled and figured it was free money.
Trent won .15
I won 28
We promptly went to Anthropologie across the way
and bought me a dress
(they had ab extra 50 % off all sale- that deserves a post all to itself!)
I look like my mother in the above picture- yeah, I said it
I know you were all thinking it
But thanks for the compliment.

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