Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Summer so far

Not much as been going on around here worthy to note I guess- other than children on train tracks. Here are a couple things going on! 
1. We are SO excited for this show to start. Even subscribed to HuluPlus so we don't have to wait 8 days (patience.. what's that!?)
2. T did his first Triathlon of the season.. and finished 4th in his age group
3. We ran 2 5k's in 3 days with my mother-in-law
40 minutes and 32 minutes- she is a rock star
4. In case some of you didn't know,
we will be staying at the Y for another 2 years for T's Masters Program in Art History.
5. T spends his days at the Springville Art Museum being a Stewart Fellow
6. I spend my days planning for the fall and beyond
 (deeply researching catering menus, and going to tastings, shoot right?
, redoing syllabi, updating student jobs, planning the Dominican Republic trips
 and also football getaways)
7. Achievements: T's was mentioned above and mine is that I pulled weeds without complaining... outloud. We also booked tickets to Paris in December, tickets to Boise for the BYU vs BSU game, tickets to the Dominican Republic for Feb 2013 and I even planned a trip for T's birthday (destination is a surprise)
8. We are so excited for Chelsea, Kevin and Madeline to come up in the next few weeks

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