Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November

sorry for lack of pictures
 I can't figure out how to get my instagram pics on the blog
lack of tech skills
embarrassing, since I work for the office of entrepreneurship & technology
not much has been happening around the olsen household
t had a crazy paper due
so i was married to netflix for a while
i am sure t was wishing i was married to cleaning while he was gone
win some and ya lose some
went to vegas
love my niece navy, the rest of the fam is great too
paid too much for car repairs
still have many to go... but i prioritize by which is going to blow up first
i think we found a place to move
3 bedrooms people
i'll be back soon- promise, once our lives are worth publishing :)
Europe is in 40ish days, so expect plenty of bloggage after that

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