Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am doing you a favor

Well, I think I am going to take a blog break until the babe is born
I am just too cranky
trust me, I am doing you a favor
all the stares, 
comments,  oh the comments!
"sorry Lauren you are in the 1% of pregnant women who have this problem" comment from drs, 
and the unsympathetic "been there done that" moms (hormones are raging)
it's getting to me

so it will be me and netflix
Crystal Lite and Peanut Butter & Jelly on a tortilla until may 8th (ish)


  1. awww. this is a little funny, but mostly i'm sorry. you're getting to see your little one soon! hopefully he is a dream baby so you can relax and eat normal things and get some sleep. hopefully!
    you're also a really cute pregnant lady, even if you don't feel like it!

  2. YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!! yeay! i'm sad for the blogging break (i'm obsessed with all things pregnancy and loooove reading your posts... even if it's complaining!) but i totally understand. try to enjoy your last little bit as a family of 2.5 even though it's hard to think about right now. i'm so excited for you and i love you lots!

  3. Oooo enjoy your break! Get lots and rest and have your hubby give you a foot massage at LEAST every other day ;)

  4. I'm sad I won't get to hear from you as often, but totally understand the need for censorship. Although it IS your blog, so you shouldn't have to edit yourself, right? ;)
    Good luck with this next (hopefully less than one) month! And I hope that when you DO come back to blogging, you have a million, billion pictures of your cutie pie. :D

  5. He's coming so soon! I am sad I won't be able to read your blog updates but I am happy to hear you are getting rest. Btw, I need you to style me when I have babies someday. You are such a cute pregnant lady!!!