Friday, October 4, 2013


No that's not the number of pushups I can do in one minute...(ok yes it is, but that's not the point)
nor is it the number of diapers E goes through in a day
That is the number of hours L put in this week at work, M-F. This week was Founders conference for the center at BYU that she works for. L spends 6 months preparing for this biannual event. In the weeks preceding and the week of, she oversees somewhere between 10-15 events, the largest of which draw in about 1,200 people (students, faculty, founders to the center etc.) The smaller events have somewhere around 80 donors to her center, among whom are CEO's of fortune 500 companies and other huge businesses. Altogether they have a collective net worth of literally like a bajillion dollars. She coordinates the efforts of about 10 students to help tackle the structure for these events, and student entrepreneur groups have the opportunity to win somewhere around 500K in investments and prizes for their up and coming businesses. She plans every activity down to the most minute detail, including where everyone will sit and what kind of dressing will go with what kind of salad. And at the end of the week, after having been on her feet almost non stop, she still finds time to come home and just be an amazing wife and mom, wanting nothing to play with E in the little time left before he falls fast asleep. I knew L was not just your average girl when I married, but watching the way she handles an INCREDIBLY stressful career with such finesse and precision, as well as being so compassionate and taking time to serve others and still just poor out loads of love and time to E and me is really pretty awe-inspiring. So let's get a big round of applause for this superwoman!!! Love ya L


  1. Way to go Lauren. The dinner last night was great.

  2. Yeah Lauren!! And Trent for being so supportive and awesome too!!

  3. It really threw me off seeing that "Lauren" posted this and it was so full of praise for her. :D Way to support your wife, Trent, and Lauren? YOU ROCK. I hope you get some hard-earned rest this week before beginning to plan your next activity!