Sunday, January 19, 2014


 We did lots of swinging- it felt so nice outside
 Hung out on Nana and Grandpa's soft carpet lots and lots
 Spent time with this crazy before he moved to Arkansas
 Santa visited- Navy was not quite sure. E just stared 
 Then they switched roles
 Mom had surgery- so I made the famous morning scones 
Not sure what Brandon is doing
 Christmas Morning picture

 E loved his rocking horse from Russia
 We  were spoiled
 E loved sitting in the middle and watching everyone
 Threw a baby shower

 Went to the cactus garden lights
Vegas tried so hard
not sure why we bundled E up so much- it was warm
 Container Park
 Loved seeing my sister and her little one, Navy. So cute!
 Proof Paige came and visited- they got engaged Friday
Yay for new sisters

It was so nice being in the warm weather!!!

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