Sunday, January 11, 2015


I thought I would start off the year giving a little bit of an update
Over the holidays we went to Vegas first
Lots of matching pajamas with E and his cousin 
Lots of Frozen 
Lots of kisses

We then headed up to Utah
to take our only family picture of the season... I am the worst with pictures!
It was great to see family

E had a blast in the snow
until he had to touch it!

So we went Vegas-Utah-Vegas-California (Disney)- Vegas- Columbus
It was quite a trip
I have mixed feeling about being back here but will make the best of it

Year started out with all of us catching the flu (hence the time to blog)

I have spent the majority of this past year feeling "off"
I've had lots of weight gain, anxiety (a move doesn't help- hello social anxiety. I am the worst at making new friends), spouts of depression, fatigue and just feelings of blah.
I was starting to think I was crazy and it was all in my head
I found a doctor who ran some tests and confirmed what I had been searching for a while
I have Hypothyroid (which we knew) but severe adrenal fatigue
luckily I found some great medicines and herbs to go along with a new diet that will hopefully help

I am not writing this for the "woe is me" factor
but if you have experienced any of this stuff 
go see your doctor- they are easy tests (saliva and blood tests)
then do some research!

Anyway I am trying to be positive about 2015 here in Columbus
but there are lots of good things to come

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