Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

Christmas is a time to spend with your family, eat yummy food
and talk to your missionary brother... I understand that.
It is also a time for a young married girl to think outside of the box...
I have been using crappy foundation since forever.
At my 3pm bathroom break I look in the mirror and
it's not a pretty site.
I need something natural that can stay on all day.

I hate to admit this.
I have not used any sort of body spray/perfume since August.
I am starting to feel... less girly.
I think this might do the trick!
I would love to run in these.
Despite my thunder thighs.
Why fight them?
I chose to embrace them...
in these awesome running capris.

Mustard yellow is my color.
I know it is winter but... sigh.. how cute are these!?

The link might not work.
But I love simple and elegant!
I can never go wrong with that cut
(plus a few inches on the bottom)

I need a new purse.
Maybe not one outside my price range
But you get the idea.
Oh yes... I need new running shoes.
Pretty bad.
I think these would help me run a marathon...
Don't ya think so?

OK I am done being selfish.
But FYI I am almost done shopping
Ok maybe not
Lacee, Trent and Dad
You guys are pretty hard to shop for.

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  1. Burberry Brit is the ONLY perfume I will wear. Love it.