Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As many of you have probably noticed...
yes, I have gained weight since being home from my mission and being married.
This has part to do with my thyroid and mostly to do with
So, I decided to stop eating sugar on March 26th (hello, had to have cake on the 25th)
I was doing so well, parts of my body were kinda shrinking
until these things were dropped off...

Dang it

There is always tomorrow right (right after a trip to the gym tonight)
The ironic thing is here is a list of treats dropped off to me in the last week
cupcakes, gelato, candy bars, girl scout cookies, donuts and a milk shake.
What do I choose to eat?

Chocolate Covered cinnamon bears

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  1. If you only ate the chocolate covered cinnamon bears, feel free to drop off the rest of the goodies at my place! Just kidding...I just told Jeff that I am starting my healthy eating diet (again) tomorrow!