Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm back!

I survived! Although I had a long week and barely feel like myself, I am glad I get a 2 week break before taking off to the Dominican Republic. Here are some pics from this weekend (and there were 0 taken during my birthday oops)
New tie for T
New Swimsuit for my niece born on Friday.
Lots of cooking (finally!). I think T was getting sick of pizzas.

Thanks to Pinterest we had some great Banana pancakes this morning
I almost bought these shoes
I am a sucker for anything mustard yellow
buuuutttt they kinda look like ballroom shoes
yes or no?

Fantastic Strawberry Lassi: conference lunch

My stay awake drink for conference

Lovely flowers from Alix (ones of the right)
The white flowers are left over from a banquet I put on Thursday night

I know the color is super trendy but i love it!
I am no fashion blogger (thank goodness) so excuse the pic.
When Chelsea, Madeline and I are shopping it usually involves pictures being sent back and forth to each other.
Buy here
Almost bought these for my little niece due in August.
Our conference set up. Our TV doesn't receive any TV so we got inventive.
Maybe one day we will not be too cheap to pay for cable.
I do miss my food network


  1. Cute skirt--I love that color too. You can come over and watch Food Network anytime. It's on regularly around here. Let's try and get together before your trip!

  2. hey! what's wrong with those shoes *kinda* looking like ballroom shoes?!? ;) I think they're cute... :)