Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Optimism / Olly Moss 

Lately my life has been full of forced optimism 
meaning I have to work for it some days more than others 

 Work affects me too much
 I am awful at leaving it at the door when I leave 
so when 3am creeps around you can sometimes find me on my computer 
with White Collar on 
finishing emails that I can't stop thinking about

 I let people's negative energy affect me
 like someone who called yelling about lack of parking
 and then asked me to leave a meeting to go walk and find him a spot 
'cause that makes sense 

 Luckily I have an amazing husband who gets me and knows how to make everything better 

One day at a time
One amazing day at a time

1 comment:

  1. Lauren... you are amazing! People are such weirdos sometimes. They can be so self-centered.

    This lady called my husband up cause her loan-officer wouldn't give her a pre-approval letter for the lot she was eyeing. She was pissed. She has horrible credit and says she will get it up 100 points by the time her house is done in January. She wanted to put down 7K as earnest money which she thought would be good incentive. And if her credit isn't up by January she wanted to rent the house from the builder. Because that totally makes sense that they would want a run-around with her instead of someone that is going to pay full-price for the house on the spot. And also they would totally trust her to pay rent even when her credit says otherwise. Lol. Why can't people think this through??

    Of course you are totally going to leave a meeting to walk around and stand in a parking spot for them so they can park. We all must be slaves and succumb to people's every whim. What were they thinking???

    I'm totally rambling here but I hope you know how wonderful you are, unselfish, and sweet. You are one of the nicest people I know and so real. Don't let it get you down. They can't help it that they need help with social norms. :)