Sunday, December 2, 2012

Questions Answered

Since announcing the baby's arrival many of you have asked questions... so here are some answers

When are you due?
Middle of May... one appointment it was May 22 and the second was May 16th

What are you having?
Not sure yet
maybe this Friday we will find out

Are you wearing pregnancy clothes?
jeans with elastic on them... what do you think

Are you going to keep working after the baby?
I am! Still trying to figure out how, but we are. 
I have heard it all from people on this answer...
I am doing that is best for me and my family 

How have you been feeling?
I have not thrown up too much... whew
I have been tired a lot and have had really bad headaches
however... that being said... it's much easier to go through it knowing it is for a reason

Was it a surprise? (I get this a lot you nosey people:))
Actually I say it's a blessing
In July my thyroid dr said it would take us "a few years" to have kids
hypothyroidism means you have low hormone levels
well uh... that was not a good thing to say
it took about 6 weeks after that
I truly feel this is a blessing, since who knows how my thyroid issues will affect future pregnancies

Yes! We head to Europe on Dec 12 and also the Dominican Republic in February

Yup- you can ask me in person since it changes quite often
I am just sad T doesn't like the name Norah (sadface)

We are very excited and feel very blessed. 
I truly hesitated this and even announcing our little "shnug" (as T calls it)
there are so many things that can go wrong
and our heart truly goes out to so many of our friends and family who are having a hard time getting pregnant. So on that note- I probably won't post a ton of belly pics on here etc.
If you would like any of that crazy stuff (it still freaks me out to look down)
you can follow me on instagram at laolsen

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  1. Yay! so excited for you guys!! And just ignore all those people who tell you what you should do about working with the baby. You do what's best for you guys and don't even worry about it :)