Monday, December 10, 2012


Why is it that as I am getting ready to see all these beautiful things
 I get crazy TRAVEL ANXIETY 
not sleeping, clenching my jaw (sorry dad) and just crying all the time!?
 I get nervous about the flight, our housing, my clothes, being pregnant while there, making it home for Christmas. 
Why can't I just sit back and look forward to this anyone else have this problem- or am I totally nuts!?


  1. I get really nervous before I travel too. Being pregnant just intensifies the emotions. You will be ok once you get there. Make sure you get up every hour and walk up and down the aisles on the plane. You will love, love, love Europe. Enjoy the nutcracker and the Christmas Bazaar in Vienna for me.

  2. this is the story of my life! i soooooo feel for you! i get really horrible travel anxiety and feel super sick to my stomach and everything but as soon as i get to where i'm going i'm fine! so i totally count down the days til a vacation but more in a "yeay! my travel anxiety will be gone in 6 more days! i just have to make it until then!" sort of way. good luck... it'll be worth it!