Monday, February 11, 2013

I have tried to type 4 different titles- no luck

This around the Olsen home have been interesting this last week
Lots has happened that I never saw coming
Many tears have been shed and many bubble baths have been taken
Little Lola (our car) is causing much headache and damage to the bank account
Gestational Diabetes is here in full force
never saw that one coming
pricking myself 6 times a day is rough
knowing any sugar I indulge in hurts my babe is rough
BUT I know many of you are rolling your eyes saying "suck it up"
well... it's my blog
But T takes off tomorrow for NYC (don't want to talk about it)
and I take off Friday (hopefully, we will see how Baby Olsen handles some stuff)
DR should be fun on some days, it's hard traveling with bajillionaires when you are not one

OK enough- 
pity party much? 

T and I are also in the middle of a decision that could really affect our fam
That being said- this picture speaks to me

so, do me a favor and don't bring treats to the Olsen household
bring cottage cheese, cheese sticks and carrots:)

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