Sunday, March 24, 2013

What do you wish someone told you before you were pregnant?

Someone asked me this question the other day- I couldn't think of an answer
Now I can

1. Not all pregnancies are the same
Just because your mom/sister whatever didn't have morning sickness, doesn't mean you won't...
could even be into your third trimester
(if you want to see a VERY pregnant lady throw up come to my house 1-3 days out of the week)

2. You are so tired
It's not just "oh, I wish I could sleep" tired
it's "I am so exhausted I might die" tired
who knew your blood quadruples duing pregnancy?
I do now

3. People stare at you like something is wrong with you
This happens ALL THE TIME
and I work at BYU- baby central
People also make rude comments, I usually call them out
take my personality + raging hormones= don't be a jerk or you will regret it

4. Speak up!
At the beginning of my pregnancy there was some miscommunication with my dr-
I thought they were doing things the right way in regards to my thyroid
they were not
I realized I am the only one who can truly know what I need an feel
after that I am that annoying patient who asks lots of questions and double and triple checks with the nurses
but at least I am confident in the care I am getting

5. Enjoy Food and Comfort for as long as you can
Food is only a means to an end for me now
unless we are talking slurpees and crystal lite
I don't enjoy it at all
As for comfort- turning over in bed means I grunt= comical nights for T
these aches, pains, round ligament, braxton blah blah make me so appreciative for sleep before pregnancy

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