Tuesday, March 5, 2013

pregnancy questions

Here are the top 5 questions I get asked almost daily
1. How are you feeling?
I usually say great- it's kinda  lie.
They can't handle the truth

2. What are you going to name the baby?
I tell them our two names
I get mixed reactions
some unusually strong
but it doesn't bother me
It's my baby boy

3. Are you going to keep working?
Up in the air still

4. You're pregnant, want to hear what happen to my (insert family member here) when she was pregnant?

5. How are you going to decorate the nursery?
So here is the thing... 
Pinterest has ruined all of us.
But I have fallen guilty to picking up some ideas for the nursery
loving the sheet below- but they are $75 dollars that is lots of diapers
Striped sheets
Love this style of bedding- photo from Cup Of Jo
See how they are striped and not chevron
oh chevron, please go away

I love this mobile
I am going to make it with my sister next weekend
mobile- Aaron Christensen Artist, Designer and Art Licensing Professional. Embellishments Studio specializes in children's interior design, celebrity and kids nurseries, bedrooms and rooms for teens and tweens.
photo via
as for a color palate- I am loving the colors from this swaddle blanket
 (learned what that was last year-winning)
cuuuuutest swaddle blankie
photo via pinterest
So there ya go
add in 3 prints from Paris and fun books from a baby shower and there is the nursery
no changing table
no glider
no dresser
no fancy rug the baby will probably poop on

just little baby olsen in his cute crib (t calls it his bachelor pad)


  1. We need to go shopping for sheets and bumper pads etc. I love your names. :-) I can't wait for this little guy to get here.

  2. Chevron can die a quick death! That bedding is simple, classic, and adorable.

    *I* want to know the names! :D

    I wish I had a glider but we have no room, so it's not even close to being an option. :) And we didn't have a dresser at first, either, just a 9 square bookshelf/bookcase that we stuck tubs of clothing and toys in. Do what works for you!

    (I love that mobile, too. I think I'm going to try to make it for my little girls!)

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  3. At this point, I-Man has a pack n play for his crib, and some plastic drawers for his "nursery." He doesn't seem to mind. And I love the color scheme!

  4. You have no idea how happy your comment about the stupid chevron pattern makes me. Haha. Every time I go on pinterest I am so confused as to why it's everywhere!

  5. I love that palette too!!!! And I love that he calls it his bachelor pad! Hahahaha