Monday, July 22, 2013

Best Day of the Year

Happy Birthday to T!!
This is my favorite day of the year because I get to spoil him and he can't do anything about it
A few things about my guy
- He is such a caring husband
- He is an amazing and patient dad
- His passion for what is does is admirable
- He has a zest for life and a loves to learn
- He kills the spiders and does the dishes
- Watch him eat a meal- it's cute how he eats like it's his last
- His abs are the best (sorry babe, but they are!)
- I love the way he ties his shoelaces
- I love how you get excited to tell me about what you are studying
- I love that you tell me I'm beautiful even though I have post baby body
- you love to shop with me
- You take care of stuff I don't want to think about
-You share my passion for traveling
- I love your dancing
- I love that we can look at each other and just get it
- I love how you make stressful situations fun (really I do!)
- I love how you run your electronics into the ground (check out his phone)
- I even love it when you have a little bit of a beard

I just love you. Totally and Completely.
Thanks for being born and thanks for choosing me. 

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