Friday, July 19, 2013


I never thought in my wildest dreams people would be so INSANE about breastfeeding
I love nursing Everett
I am lucky enough to be able to nurse as much as he needs
He is getting amazing nutrition and we are savings lots of money 
Yes they are negatives: I have to eat lots to keep my milk up, it is a pain when I am in public and have no idea where is a nursing room and working and nursing is a task I am going to tackle soon.

I was at the southtowne mall in Dillards looking for missionary clothes with my sister and mom
E was hungry
Found the bathroom, sat in a chair and put on my nursing cover
E was so worked up  he was having a hard time
then a lady (mid 50's) came into the bathroom
she used the bathroom and as she was exited entered the space where I was sitting (with lounge chairs etc)
She said "you really shouldn't be doing that here"

I looked at her- so frustrated with her and E's squirming
So I said the first thing that came to my mouth
she rolled her eyes and left

seriously? How am I offending her!? What I am doing does not affect her in any way, shape or form
in fact I am helping my child to be smarter than her (obviously)

I came home upset (so was my mom)
my sister sent me THIS
and check out this youtube video
they lifted my spirits

ok rant over
one last thing: I will not apologize for breastfeeding my baby. (PERIOD) 


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Holy cow, i would've sworn at her. It's not like you were flashing the whole store! The nerve of some people! You're awesome! keep it up! I can't wait to breastfeed when baby #2 comes. It's seriously the BEST thing you can do for a baby. :)

  2. What seriously??!!! You were even in the bathroom! You could be anywhere breastfeeding and she shouldn't worry about it. Crazy people. Keep breastfeeding. Its worth it.

  3. I can't believe she said that to you. I'm glad you told her to shut up. What's wrong with nursing your baby in a restroom. And even if she thought it, she had no right to say anything.

  4. You should have flashed her. Just kidding. Don't sweat it. Most of the responses I get about breastfeeding is positive. There's always a weirdo out there.

  5. Wow, that's kind of a crazy story. I'm sorry you had to deal with her. :/
    As a heads up: there is no where to nurse in the Marriott Center. The best I could do was lock myself in the handicap stall and nurse while standing.
    Oh, and once we were at Sweet Tomatoes in South Jordan eating dinner with my parents and Adelaide needed to nurse and I waited five minutes for someone to get out of the restroom before I finally said "screw it," walked back to my booth, sat down, and breastfed her while covered with a blanket. If the institution doesn't want me to do it right in front of their customers, they should provide better facilities for me to use. :D
    Also, have you seen this commercial? It makes me smile every time!

  6. What the? I refuse to nurse in a restroom. I have nursed in the mall, in restaurants, in the dance studio and NEVER had that happen to me. People can be so utterly stupid. I love your response, totally appropriate. I probably would have dropped whatever was covering me, smiled, and said "is this better?" Breastfeeding rocks. Hands down.

  7. I am SO PROUD of you for telling that woman to shut up. She absolutely deserved it. Good for you!!!!

  8. What???? Clearly, the bathroom lady has some personal issues she needs to resolve or she wouldn't be so TOTALLY irrational. Not to mention exceedingly rude.

    I clearly remember as a 9 year old in Guatemala seeing women breastfeed in Sacrament Meeting on the front row without any sort of cover. And I wasn't scarred for life (at all). It's all cultural sistah!