Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Picture overload

 Smiles before bath time
When he is crying and I need 3 minutes to breathe, 
we put him on his changing pad in the bathroom and turn on the water- he loves it
 Have to get in the fun before he realizes those are his pants on his head.
 Love my guys
 Yes he smiles at himself in the mirror
He can be screaming- catch his reflection and just grin
I blame T
 Took a walk while in Big Bear
 Thank goodness for sisters
They would take E when he was screaming
He did not handle the trip well
 Proof my brother can snag a really pretty girl
 Had lots of fun with this girl
She loves E- she will kick and giggle when he is around
 We were outside a lot
our cabin was... special
 Bumbo time with his fun animals
 Dancing to Reggaton with T

 E is not amused
 Soccer game in his hoodie
 Lovin on his cow
 Love that face

Cute pose

He is starting to grab at things now- 
Obviously we are proud
and obviously he is the cutest baby to come onto this planet