Sunday, March 2, 2014


We were lucky enough to head to Brazil for my job this year
It was pretty surreal
We went on Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas
the ship was... awful
most people got sick with either food poisoning or the Norovirus
so that made my week more stressful then in years past
but we still had plenty of fun
This was what I wanted to see in Brazil
Everyone talked about the views we would see
well- stepped off the tram and into a wall of fog
It is huge
way bigger than I thought
even as we were pulling way in the ship 
we could see this statue looking over all of Rio
Trent on Copacabana beach
it was super windy but really gorgeous
After a day at sea we stopped at Salvador
This city was the hottest of them all
but had the most culture
it's where the African slaves were brought into
so there is lots of African influence in the town

Loved this church- the entire gate around the church was full of these ribbons

Each ribbon color means something different 
and that's all I know

There are healers walking all the church
you pay? you get healed with some leaves

We then went downtown 
here we are at the top of the elevator (left)

proof I was there with my dorky excursion sticker

The streets in this town were cobblestone
and the buildings were all different colors
tons of hills like San Francisco

Went inside this gorgeous church

Formal night

My favorite port Ilheus
We went to Millionaires beach
warm water
perfect sand
it was such a fun day
Then the last day was in Buzios
this beach was HOT
and FREEZING water
but still so much fun!

So grateful we got to see this beautiful country

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