Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July- without fireworks

Took a picture in front of a barn with diving swallows
who make their nests out of SPIT
but it was mom's dream
and the reason mads looks so cute is because she spent forevs picking out her outfit
but it paid off
 We had plenty of quality time with the baby
who will probably punch me in the face the second she comes out
I tend to poke and push to find her a little too much
sorry chels
Boys went on a mountain biking ride
which was a "FOUTZ" bike ride
Dad "it's not that far"
Isaac comes home beat up "it was 11 miles, up hill"
Don't even get me started on "FOUTZ" miles
Went on the Alpine Slide and Coaster
My pick? Coaster
You don't get stuck behind slow people
But no fireworks 
They were cancelled due to the fires 

Best part was after this trip and seeing the pics I realized I am quite large
Diet Started
9 pounds down in a week!

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  1. ok, how in the world did you lose 9 lbs in one week ?! Melissa Whaley