Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Mental Health Trip

T and I have barely spent time together this summer 
due to opposite work schedules
 so for his 25th birthday we went to San Clemente, CA
 You all requested pictures so here they are :)
Masterchef in the airport
if you haven't watched that show yet,
Our condo from the beach
3 min walk
We loved being in a real kitchen
and air conditioning
View from the balcony
First Day at the beach
Sunburns followed
T is always hungry
Ocean Festival was there while we were there
Woody's lined the pier
I need one of those cars
Ariel and King Triton were kind enough to grace us with their royal presence
My floppy hat
that looks like an Indiana Jones Hat
but it's JCREW so I figured it was cool and trendy
We headed up to Balboa Island
Balboa bars had to happen
Here's the thing
When you are on vacay with just 2 people
it's REALLY hard to get pics of you both
the arm will be in most pics
I love balboa
I wish we could have paddle boarded there
Headed up to LA
this happened
I will never go to LA again
I will stick to Orange County
For T's birthday he wanted to go to a museum
True Story:
As this boy saw a Monet hanging there
He dropped my hand and RAN to it
I know my place
Beautiful views of the dreadful city
and the smog too
The Arm
Awesome gardens
We were really close to the teample
Trent had never been
That temple is huge
T wanted a breakfast burrito
we had to try out the place at the end of the pier
he ended up making him the wrong thing
T ate it anywaysio 
but then the cook brought him out another burrito with the right fillings
T was in heaven
One stop shop
good food 
fishing poles
T surfed
ask him how it went
found out later where he was surfing is home to 2 great whites
yeah... awesome
FHE at the beach
made some friends
parents of T's mission companion
they fed us twice and took us to their ward's FHE
and yes, my leg is popped there
weird I get it

We had a fantastic time
we need to do a trip every year
Europe up next!


  1. I love the popped leg! I was noticing how tan and toned it is :) The Monet painting story is funny-- oh Trent!

  2. I love the floppy hat!! Super cute!!