Monday, July 2, 2012

Lessons Learned

1. When you don't have AC in your house and it's summer- it's UNBEARABLE.
2. When you take your house & car keys off the  normal ring and don't put them back on the normal ring-when you leave the house the next day with that normal ring, you will be locked out.
3. Being locked out of house and car in the summer- it's hot
4. Brothers with cars are life savers
5. When a metal lever is stuck, don't use your whole force to move it. You will get a blood blister
6. When GAP has an extra 40% off sale- you HAVE you buy something
7. Don't EVER EVER EVER tell your boss your like the Bachelorette-
 he will judge you forever and accuse you of not being virtous,
 lovely of good report or praiseworthy... my bad
8. Life is better when mom's around
9. The Overture of 1812 is much more "bomb" with cannons- ha get it?
10. Patient husbands are the best

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