Wednesday, August 22, 2012

oh purses

oh purses... oh curses... get it?
Purses and I have a love hate relationship
they help me carry stuff and are a fashion accessory
but my cell phone ALWAYS gets lost in there
and the cute ones are SO EXPENSIVE

here are a few I found at the Kate Spade Surprise Sale
(can't figure out how to get the image on here)

don't you love the name!?
can I justify  buying it on the fact that they are $300 less than regular price!?
Someone help me plead my case to T
it will also help with my "I'm a working girl" look I am going for


  1. you have to do it. i just texted jared to tell him that i have to get one because my longchamp broke and it was the only decent bag i have had...kate spade is sooo adorable.