Friday, August 24, 2012


WARNING- mushiness will be oozing out of this post
but this blog has been lacking in the that category 
I just needed to proclaim to the blog universe my love for this man

 I LOVE this picture of him
I used to stalk him on facebook while we were dating
and I would look at this picture when I missed him

he is all I could have asked for in a husband 
example I have had a hard week 
so when I came home yesterday 
 I had flowers, a massage, dinner out,trip to target planned (my fav, don't judge, it's a magic place) AND a movie of my choice 
Now seriously WHO does that!? 

honestly I don't just love/adore/respect him for the things he does for me,
 but truly it is just HIM that I love
His goodness, patience, passion for life, humor, goofiness and talents are ALL things I love him for. 

Thanks for choosing me T

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  1. Corey loves that picture of T too!! He is a stud. So are you.