Sunday, August 26, 2012

Provo Food

T and I like to eat at "different" places
so says my mother
I will just say it
I HATE Olive Garden, Chile's and Applebees
What I do love is finding fun, new places to eat

Saturday night we decided to try Cubby's in Provo
I would give you the address but this is easier
it's in the same shopping center as sonic next to Little Cesears
yeah, now you know where I am talking about

Anyways YOU. NEED.TO. GO
It was amazing!
T ordered the Dragon Slayer Burger and Rosemary Fries
I ordered the Tri Tip Salad with cilantro dressing

My favorite part was everything is organic and local
You mean I can go somewhere and KNOW where my meat is coming from!?
It's a real thing people

Our whole meal was under $20

I'm a fan

if you don't believe me!

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