Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here's to 2013

We are back... almost!
It has been a crazy and amazing 3 weeks
I can't wait to post pictures
but for now... as I sit here in bed so sick from the craziness of the 3 weeks away
I am so excited to start this year
I have a feeling this will be an exciting year
full of change
but especially full of love 
can't wait for our little baby to come
actually I feel like I have to say that... I can wait until May- we have lots to get done before this little one makes an appearance. 
 This year will also bring so many other surprises

one starting tomorrow is our new place to live!
Can't wait to get it decorated to show all of you!
Also, trips to NYC and Dominican Republic 
As well as the looming decisions we have before us in our little family!

Yay 2013, we are glad you are here

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