Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 Year!

Hello blog world. As L informed you, today completes 365 days of our being married. Currently I am waiting in bed as tantalizing smells of a delectable breakfast waft in from the kitchen. L is making me the breakfast in bed of a lifetime. And this is just a small example of what the past 365 days have been like. I'm bumbling about my day to day business, just trying to get through the day, while L has things figured out two weeks from now, and just how she can do nice things for me today, tomorrow, and in two weeks. Even though she works full time day in day out to keep our little family afloat, she still finds time everyday to think about my needs, or just my whims and ways that she can do things to serve me or bring more fun and adventure to my life. Whether is a donut that she nabs from a work meeting, a candy bar that she buys on her way home from work, or an entire weekend in Reno that she sets me up with, she is always thinking about what she can do for me. It has been a great year with L, I love her tons and am very grateful for her!

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