Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions

This has become my everyday face
So 2012 will be my year to CHILL OUT
I will say no
I will learn how to handle the 50 interruptions I get in one day
I will not be the 'garbage can' of the office
I will not take everything personally
I will stop trying to make every type A personality happy
because guess what? They never will be.
I will stop worrying about my weight
I will stop worrying about how I look old
I will stop worrying about my house being clean enough
I will stop comparing myself to EVERYONE around me
(blogs were invented for everyone to publicly project perfections in their lives, you rarely hear about the imperfections)

I will spend more time focusing on the Savior
I will spend more time just with T.
I will take just a tad more time to myself
I will enjoy this period in my life
I will learn to deal with change (since 2012 might be the year of it)

I will end this long- winded post :)


  1. Lauren you are too cute! I compare myself to everyone else too and it just makes me feel inadequate! :( Doing what makes you happy and not worrying about things that arent as important as they may seem is a good idea!

  2. These are AWESOME goals Lauren! I totally know what you mean - the comparison thing is tough to deal with. But you can do it! The are such great goals that will for sure make you happier this year! :)