Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Christmas ever!

Hello all, T here. Long time no post. But we just had such an awesome Christmas, I just had to share with the whole blogging community! So here is what made it so great-

For one, after a particularly turbulent semester, it was nice to sit on a couch and read. This is the activity I miss the most during the semester when I'm up to my ears in text books, art history articles, and Russian literature. And it's not that I don't love reading those things, especially the Russian works, but when it's for homework, there is a certain strain that is combined with it that is absent when I'm reading on my couch in pj's snacking on Christmas treats.

A great addition to the usual Christmas season traditions (that rhymed) was tuning in Christmas Eve morning to the King's college boys choir performance at Cambridge. One of my humanities professors told me about the performance, and I highly recommend it. You can listen to it broadcast live on bbc, or on classical 89 for those of you in the Wasatch range. The performance itself is a series of Christmas messages from the Bible about the life of Christ, accompanied by several carols and hymns to each message. Each year they also commission a new carol to be written for the concert. The performance and the choir were amazing, and listening to the performance will be definitely be an annual tradition in the T and L household. Next year we'll hopefully catch it live ;)

Lastly, it was great to spend so much time with family. As was mentioned in an earlier post, my sis just returned to us from Africa, and it was wonderful to spend time with her as well as my parents for the holidays. And of course having two interruption free weeks to spend with L was probably the best part. She spoiled me rotten for Christmas, but just having the time with her over Christmas and then for new years with her family in Vegas with no work and no school really "made the season bright" (no offense turkey and mistletoe). This was our first married Christmas together, and I'm glad that we have dozens more to look forward to in the future. So as the kick off to all those future ones, it really was the best Christmas ever!

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