Friday, January 13, 2012

Things that are getting me through the week...

"Never Say Never" is now on Netflix, nothing like the Biebs to help you relax after a long week.

The Sarah Bareilles pandora station.

Pizzas made from 80 calorie tortillas (hell0 a pizza the size of a tortilla all for 200 cals.. yes please!)

Grapefruits the size of my head.

Reading the email from Leeds saying that T has been accepted (YAY!- now only 6 more to hear back from)

Starring at my closet and seeing my cute Anthro dress and knowing I get to wear it in 37 days.

Watching the Kardashians at the gym last night and thanking my Heavenly Father I was not born into their family- (no sound and the subtitles make you even more grateful). Love you Mom!

Tracking my new shoes from Finish Line come in the mail (today, thanks Lacee!)

Last but not least, sneaking pics of wedding sites for my best friend Lacee, sorry lace I will stop I promise, I understand this is your wedding! (side note: I could have planned my wedding for a year and been so happy doing it!)

Getting to see my niece at her dance recital Saturday

Spending the weekend with my honey celebrating (check back Sunday to see why)