Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pictures for Nana

Since I still am recovering from this C Section 
all I really have are pictures of Everett 
so here are a few from the last few days
 mom- hope there are enough here to last you a few days
E got the cutest robe from his Cousin (once removed??)
It's a little big but he looks so grown up in it!
I sure love this little face
Love how this binky takes over his face
I finally got around to putting up everything in E's nursery
This poster is very fitting
E sure loves his Art History Aunts!
E is one month old!
Every month I will take a picture on his cute quilt with his sock monkey from his aunts and uncles
This picture is my favorite
Look at E's expression
this kid sure is full of them
E on his quilt from his aunts
He loves it!


  1. HE IS THE CUTEST!!! I seriously can't get enough pictures of this little guy! Keep posting : )

  2. Aren't babies the best? It blows my mind how much you LOVE your own child - I never believed it until I had my own.

  3. Oh his eyes just kill me! He is so darling!!!