Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Lauren is a far more dedicated blogger than I am, (obviously, judging from my maybe two or three post contributions) and much more blog-writing-eloquent. However, Everett (the Shnoog) has given me plenty of good material to work with, so he is basically writing his own post by his cuteness. I didn't realize before having a baby that in his newborn stage he would do much more than eat, sleep, and poop, but it turns out that even as a new born he has little personality traits and does a few very darling or quirky (and thusly endearing) things that I find hilarious and wanted to share with you all because I know you are all DYING to just hear more about and see more pictures of my baby : ) There will probably be a lot of text, so if you want, you can just look at the pictures, the texts underneath will just explain what's happening. So without further delay, I present to you, Everett the Shnoog's Shnoogisms:

Two things here. With the exception of about four baths, he has hated every bath he's taken. I think we have all the trappings of a mud loving, bath hating, rough and tumble boy here. But in addition to this, since literally day 1, he has had the bottom lip pout down. This means that when he cries it IS sad, but in the interludes between screams when his lips come together, his bottom lip is stuck out so far it is almost folded over and it's hard not to laugh at his (hunger) pains. 

When we are succesfull at bathing him, he comes out with a curly poofy (almost to the point of being and afro) hair due. 


He looks like an angel when he sleeps. Seriously, this is how newborns get posed for the pictures that they take, but he does this all by himself. It's like he's begging us to recognize how stinkin precious he is, and document it.


The picture on the left comes from a little walk we took with Everett at the hospital shortly before checking out. We wrapped him up in his cozy blue blanket lovingly made for him by his aunt Chelsea and went for a stroll. One of the nurses stopped us to check him out (something I think he'll have to deal with his whole life, the ladies already love him). While admiring him and the blanket, she pointed out that he was just holding on to the edge of it. Since then we've noticed that he always seems to find the edge of a blanket, sleeve, or shirt collar and curls his little fingers around them. I've been surprised several times while wearing a hoody to find that he has found one of the drawstrings and gotten it tightly into his clutches. The picture on the right is of the inside of his stroller. He somehow found the two lines of the headrest insert, and grabs on to them every time we go for a walk. 

This is one of my very most favorite things. E's lips are very versatile and he makes all sorts of faces (see below). But this one is a recurring face. He makes this tiny little pursed "O" with his lips sometimes, as if he is shocked by something that is happening, but then he will hold it that way for 30 seconds at a time. 

It seems as if this move is trending out which is really sad, but for the first few weeks this was 100% every time. So when he would feed, he would flex his legs straight out. They would be like two stiff little twigs jutting out from under mommy's arm. And then, at the end of his stiff legs he would stretch out all of his toes. I think with some work E could be quadradextrious. Sometimes when we kiss his toes he grips our bottom lip or shirt collar with them. If I put my finger on the pad of his foot at the base of his toes, he will curl them around it.

E is a Shnoog of a million faces. Sometimes there are repeat faces that are adorable (like his O face from above), others are like shooting stars, fleeting, unique and really fun to look out for.


After he feeds when we burp him (L leans him forward like this, I will set him on my chest) and he is content with life, he will crane his head up like this to get a good look at us.

This is my very favorite. Because E has acid reflux (a fancy description for spitting up ALL the time and in large quantities) we have to give him a little medicine in the morning 30 minutes before he eats. So I give him the medicine which I think  makes him a little sleepy, and we get to cuddle up like this until he wakes up for breakfast. Usually he needs his binky to stay asleep, but sometimes he shares with daddy.

Last of all, for about one out spurts several times throughout the day, E is just very happy and smiley. He likes looking around, he likes looking at lights, and really enjoys being outside. Lauren discovered that during these happy moods, if we give him a little prompting in the form of tickles under his chin his face will light up with these gigantic smiles. I don't think there is anything cuter in the entire world.

Thank you everyone for reading up on me, peace out!


  1. OH MY GOSH I AM DYING!!!!!!!! His first little giggly face is my favorite! He sleeps like a little angel and he is actually so cute. Not just his looks, his little personality.

  2. SO so cute!!! I love him so much. Too darling.

  3. I loved reading this and I love his cute little face.

  4. Just be careful with that acid reflux medicine- sounds like prevacid. My son was on it but it didn't work long because babies gain a fast tolerance for it. Good luck! He's a cutie.