Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Time

 Everett with his quilt
 My adorable sisters made Everett a quilt
I am in love with it
I take him to look at it everyday
I won't let him lay on it until his acid reflux calms down
he can spit up on everything but that quilt
I just love them so much 
I know it took a ton of time and effort
 It's amazing I have a clear pic of Navy
usually she is moving around too much
She loves her little cousin
So far all she wants to do it reach down and grab him
 We took Everett on his first outing to SLC
 He saw the temple, the Beehive house, the MIcrosoft store
and a few nursing rooms
Everett really loves his Nana
And really loves hanging out with Grandpa
Love hearing my baby voice on video
poor T, he hears it in the house all day

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