Monday, June 10, 2013

The Mom Life

I have had a lot of people ask me if I am missing my job
and how I am adjusting to the mom life

I love the mom life
it is incredibly different
and much slower paced than my job
but I love hanging out with E everyday
he is much nicer and cuter than the 8 men I worked around

However, the cultural aspect is a little harder to get used to
- I now feel accomplished if I am showered with hair curled by 11am
- spit up is my new perfume
- baby voice is the new norm
- Mothers Lounges are the new place to hang out
(side note: had a weird experience at church though- evidently you are not supposed to talk in there... whoops. I was shushed!)
- my 5 inch stilettos are now safely stored in the back of my closet
- All my shirts must be "easy access"- goodbye dresses
- Exercise  pants are now way in (stupid swelling)
- We now cheer and praise when a sound comes out of little E's mouth... or little bum
- I drive slower
- I price things by "how many diapers could I get"
- I passed on a jcrew sale to buy E clothes at the  children's place sale
- I feel "rich" when we use Huggies instead of generic diapers
- Date nights are target runs instead of dinner and a movie

However, I can honestly saw
I am so incredibly HAPPY
I love looking and interacting with our little guy
He truly is such a blessing and such a good baby

now only if he would enjoy bathtime...

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  1. Why on earth were you shushed? I've had experiences where the moms want to listen to the talks, so the knob is turned all the way up to 10 and the moms whisper and times when the moms want to talk so the knob is turned almost all the way down and we use regular voices. And you're crazy to still curl your hair! :D
    How dare you post without including a picture! ;)
    I hope you're healing all right and feeling better.