Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogitude of Gratidue

I know Blogitude doesn't really rhyme with "attitude," but I'm writing for the first time in probably a year so y'all should just be happy that I'm ending the silence. And naturally the person to spur me back into blogging is dear sweet L. Lets start with two pictures.

So on Monday I defended my thesis, and Tuesday I handed in and presented my last seminar paper. The work that went in to them each required dozens of hours and loads of late nights. But that is all that I had to focus on. Do you know why? It's because L literally held EVERYTHING down around the home, and continued working her full time job so that I could just focus on getting through the rest of these requirements. I can't even list off everything, but over the last week (and some of these are throughout the semester in general) she: 
-cleaned the entire house, top to bottom including bleaching the kitchen floor-
-she cooked all meals and did all the dishes after
-made cookies for my students for the last class activity
-took care of E almost exclusively through thick and thin, giggles and screams
-came home from work at 12 each day so that I could work on my paper's, while in the middle of training, and just dealt with the stress of things that she needed to get done in a tiny time window without complaining or making me feel guilty about it
-made me this super thoughtful conglomorate of "good luck" phrases in different languages the morning of my thesis defense just as an added step of showing her support and being incredibly thoughtful
-and in continuing that train of thoughtfulness, got me this SUPER legit parker BYU pen. While I was on my mission, these parker pens were the envy of all missionaries not willing to fork out for one. And she got me one so that as I go on to my PhD and become a professor, I would have a professional pen from my alma mater

Sometimes other grad students ask how on Earth you can be married at this stage or age, let alone have kids. Well if it weren't for Lauren and E keeping me sane and supporting me so that I can get through school, I have NO IDEA how I would manage. So really the question isn't how I do it, it's how they do it with out being married to the most amazing, supportive, and selfless person ever. Thank you so much L, I love love you!

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  1. She is the BEST!!!!!! We're so proud of you, Trent!